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Ecthelion of the House of the Fountain

Houston, we have a problem

Ecthelion: *comes home and looks for Maglor*

Maglor: *in her music room, carefully tuning her harp since she had to replace a broken string*

Ecthelion: *hears her tuning the harp, goes into the room* Kana?

Maglor: Mmhmm? *doesn't look up from her work*

Ecthelion: Hey. We need to talk.

Maglor: *looks up at him* What about?

Ecthelion: *sits in front of her* Gai came to see me today.

Maglor: ...yeah?

Ecthelion: *thinks on how to explain this* She's.... not ready to come live with us.

Maglor: *soft sigh* Well, that -is- her choice.

Ecthelion: She says it's because you scared her.

Maglor: ... This is because of Theoden, isn't it? I asked him multiple times to leave and he would not.

Ecthelion: She's afraid because you hurt and threatened to kill him.

Maglor: I hate him for many reasons. I want nothing to do with him but he refused to listen to me.

Ecthelion: I understand that. But perhaps you can try not to threaten and injure people, when they are not threatening or injuring you?

Maglor: He was antagonizing me. *flatly*

Ecthelion: And you were..... just minding your own business, and he came up and started antagonizing you?

Maglor: I was trying to speak with Gaiala. He was there. I asked him to leave because I cannot stand his presence. He refused, even though he knew I didn't want him around.

Ecthelion: *nods* Well, he was probably staying with Gaiala, but.... okay. I understand you not wanting to be around him. But I do not understand hurting and threatening to kill him.

Maglor: He kept butting in where he wasn't welcome. Trying to join our conversation even when we switched languages. He is rude and bothersome. His personality alone is enough to piss me off, even without taking anything else into consideration.

Ecthelion: Being pissed off is one thing. Threatening to kill is quite another.

Maglor: It very likely would have been more than threats if Gai wasn't there. *clearly annoyed, goes back to working and avoids looking at him*

Ecthelion: *softly* I thought you wanted Gai with us.

Maglor: *frustrated* Gai, yes. Theoden I want as far away from me as possible.

Ecthelion: You can't ban him from the city. You can't keep him away from Gaiala. I understand not wanting him around, like I said. But could you not threaten to kill him? I thought you were trying to control that temper.

Maglor: Do you know just how easy it would have been for me to cut his throat as soon as he said 'no' to me? It would have made things so much easier. But I didn't. *starting to really get angry* All I fucking did was twist his arm and let him off with a warning! So don't you even start with me about 'controlling my temper'.

Ecthelion: *still soft* What did he do to you?

Maglor: I already told you. *crosses her arms*

Ecthelion: You have to kill him because he talked to you.

Maglor: No, that's stupid. He and I are at a point now where he just keeps adding insult to the injury.

Ecthelion: But what has he done that you feel you should kill him?

Maglor: He dishonours adar. *clearly not her only reason, nor even her biggest one*

Ecthelion: And?

Maglor: ...I don't want to talk about it.

Ecthelion: If he's hurt you, if he's threatened you, I want to know.

Maglor: It's not something you can fix. I just need him kept away from me. He makes it incredibly hard for me to keep control.

Ecthelion: *slowly* From what you've told me, you were the one who did damage to him. From what I know of Theo, he is not the kind to attack you. And your father makes his own decisions about his own life.

Maglor: Forget it. *rises as if to leave* You don't understand.

Ecthelion: *shakes his head* You're just going to walk out on me?

Maglor: Not you. Just this conversation, since it's clearly going nowhere.

Ecthelion: Right. Instead of trying to explain to me, trying to make me understand, you're just giving up because I won't accept what you say.

Maglor: I'm not sure I can be more clear than "keep him far away from me".

Ecthelion: *pauses* So threatening to kill him, and injuring him, that's still something you're going to do?

Maglor: Until someone takes me serious and keeps him away, yes. *reaches for his hands to pull him close against her*

Ecthelion: *quietly angry* Take responsibility for your own actions, Kana. *walks out of the room*

Maglor: Of course. It's my fault. *presses the palms of her hands against her forehead* Everything is.
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